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Branding for Sakoons Chocolate. Sakoons was started in 1962 by Sukaiyna Gokal, a young housewife and self-taught chocolatier. She was originally a pastry chef, baking mouthwatering cakes and pastries. She started experimenting with chocolate when she had to create her own authentic coatings for her delicious goods. Her freshly baked cakes and pastries were home delivered. Her customers felt as if they were eating the baked goods straight out of the oven, and developed a keen interest for the unique chocolate coverings. Many of her customers suggested that she should also develop her own chocolate brand, as they were convinced that anything made by her hands would be heaven on Earth.


Sakoons is celebrating her 50 years of chocolate making, she is in need of a complete re-branding to raise her profile, and package designs for three new innovative flavours of chocolate bar.

Art Direction
Copy Writing