Poly is a modular surface that forms the ground and other spaces of the station.

Port Hotels

Brand application for Port Hotels, a chain of hotels in Spain.


Murphy is matter that allows “Mars One” settlers to stimulate earth elements through sensory functions via brainwave communication.


Branding for Amity a human centred design studio that facilitates purpose and values driven experiences.


Motion and User Interface Design for WeeFeel  a kids’ lifestyle brand designed for parents who see things differently.  


My Showreel

Yasmeen Jiwa Rebrand

Yasmeen Jiwa is one of Pakistan’s top fashion designers. I was asked to rebrand her logo for her new brand ...

Learn to Fly – GSG 5 Second Project

Freshest way to learn how to fly. My submission for Greyscalegorilla 5 second project themed “Eggs Eggs Everywhere” My Characters ...


A motion infographic on Learnrev, a start up company geared towards providing free education online. They offer courses tailor made to fill ...

Vancity Jam

Vancity Jam is a title sequence created for a fictitious skate movie based in Vancouver, Canada. Extreme sports and street ...

Husaini Blood Bank Branding

Rebrand for Husaini Blood Bank, one of Pakistan’s largest blood banks. Husaini has stayed in the forefront and extended its ...

Husaini Blood Bank Motion

Motion infographic created for Husaini Blood Bank, one of Pakistan’s largest blood banks. Husaini has stayed in the forefront and ...

Boy Who Cried Aliens

The classic tale of the boy who cried wolf has be brought back to life as, the Boy Who Cried ...

Waller’s Wild West

Waller’s Wild West is an interactive children’s story book for the Ipad. It is a twist on the original Tortoise ...

Hope In Shadows

Creating a campaign for Hope in Shadows, a community project, where cameras are given to members of the downtown east ...

Midnight Snack

A stop motion project showing how a sandwich is made. Warning this video will make you hungry.  


Branding for Sakoons Chocolate. Sakoons was started in 1962 by Sukaiyna Gokal, a young housewife and self-taught chocolatier. She was ...

LoopdeLoop Project

This project was my submission for LoopdeLoop.com. The brief was to create a loop with a certain theme.

IceBalls Animation Sequence Project

This project was my submission for animationsequence.com. The brief was simple: It had to be 10 seconds in length, and ...